Rich Froning’s manager, Web Smith, trashing Advocare

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By now, we all know that Rich Froning is endorsing Advocare. Plus, we all know that he had been using their products while being sponsored by, and endorsing, other brands (Thou Shalt not Lie – is that a commandment in Rich’s version of Christianity?). And because he is an insufferable loudmouth, we also know that Web Smith is his manager and negotiated the deal for Rich (which, although Advotards claim is “unpaid,” it is substantially compensated).

Most people have forgotten that Web Smith was an Advocare distributor. After he left, he spent quite a bit of time trashing them for their scamtastic MLM structure and their terrible products. Not long after he was seen trashing them in blog pieces and Twitter attacks. Sit back and enjoy, and check out what Froning’s manager really thinks of the company he pushes:




Don’t worry about Rich being a sellout…worry about youself.

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Thermolife Creatine nitrate / Amino nitrate rejected by Patent Office reexamination

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The United States Patent Office has issued a decision on Thermolife’s Amino nitrate patent (7,777,074). There were ten claims mentioned in the document. Claims 1 and 2 are canceled. Claims 3-10 are rejected.

Each of claims 3-10, which relate to specific amino acids nitrate compounds, were rejected for being vague and indefinite.

Claims 3-8 and 10 were also rejected for obviousness. Claim 6, the one specifically relating to Creatine nitrate, was further rejected because it was described in a printed publication more than one year prior to the date of the 074 patent application.



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FedEx (Federal Express) Indicted on Drug Distribution Charges

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The United States Government has brought criminal charges against Federal Express (FedEx) in the Northern District of California. The government alleges that FedEx was made aware of multiple “online pharmacies” who were selling controlled substances without a prescription, and Fed Ex continued to make deliveries for them, and further, to modify their credit policy to better cope with internet pharmacies who were in danger of being closed by the DEA.


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Superhuman Radio: syndication on the nine year anniversary

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Carl Lanore and Super Human Radio have recently announced Genesis Communications Network (GCN). I’m sure everyone reading this will recognize both Carl’s name as well as that of his show, since they have been around for the past nine years, and I’ve been a guest on the show since the very beginning – in fact, I was the first guest to have the entire show to himself, as the prior format was a split show with two guests, each taking half the episode. In mid-August, GCN will begin to carry the Super Human Radio Show, making it available on one of its satellite feed channels delivered to various stations in local markets. These options include 1000 + AM and FM affiliate stations, global shortwave radio, XM satellite radio, an internet listening option as well as a downloadable Podcast.

Withoug divulging too much of Carl’s life, when he started the show he had to take a tremendous leap from his former job* where he was making a very nice (steady) and jump into something he had no experience with**, and no guarantee of success (or even being able to make a living). Along the way, he revitalized (I would say single-handedly) the concept of physical culture, which had died off as part of the fitness lexicon of our day. I would go so far as saying that he changed the entire vernacular of our industry and made people aware of a rich history of weight training, that (contrary to what many may have thought previously) did not start in the mid ’80s with Lee Haney and Zubaz.

Over the past nine years, Carl’s show has introduced listeners to kettlebells (years before they went mainstream) and Mike Mahler, Randy Roach and Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors, and even guys like Eric Cressey, Dave Barr, and others who had been semi-agoraphobic when it came to being heard and seen anywhere off the T-Nation forums. He even introduced the world to Aaron Singerman***, and gave him the launching pad for a career that has really transcended what anyone could have expected.

Most people have forgotten this, but Carl made the gutsy decision to say, long before podcasts were credible, that he was leaving terrestrial radio to focus on internet-based radio. At the time, that was a huge move and a big decision that many could not understand – now, podcasts are the industry standard – and Carl’s remains head and shoulders above the rest – returning to terrestrial radio via syndication is a testimony, not only to how things have changed in the past decade, but to how Carl had the foresight to predict those changes. Syndication will help him put the message out to an even broader audience, and for that, I congratulate him and Genesis Communication Network, for adding his show to their family.



About Super Human Radio

Building a nation of super humans, Super Human Radio is a newly syndicated radio show based in Louisville, Kentucky with an almost nine-year history reaching an International audience through AOL’s SHOUTcast Digital Network. Super Human Radio is the world’s first broadcast radio show dedicated to improving all aspects of human performance through physical culture, ancestral nutrition and effective supplementation. With more than 1,700 live shows thus far and an average of one million podcasts downloaded per month Super Human Radio has gained a reputation as one of the top health and fitness shows available today.


About Genesis Communications Network

GCN is an independent radio network created in 1998, owned by Ted Anderson. The network currently produces more than 75 shows, distributed on more than 1,000 radio stations nationwide while also airing a handful of programs on America’s Talk Radio as well as on Shortwave. Flagship shows include Info Wars with Alex Jones, Fire Your MD Now with Dr. Peter Glidden and The Robert Scott Bell Show. Program topics include; politics, finances, entertainment, gardening, home improvement, auto repair, health, conspiracy and any and all hot “trending” topics.




* Previously Carl had sold sex toys door-to-door

** I’m not talking about podcasts or hosting a talk show, I’m talking about “computers” and “the internet” – Carl was a spry 127 years old when he first got online and started his show

*** A rare lapse in judgment

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Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Waier, Adam Zuckerman, and Progenex

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Honestly, I’m surprised that more of the mainstream media haven’t put the pieces together on this one – and although it interests me, I’d much rather outline the basic facts and allow others to flesh in the details. Here’s what I know, per the documentation I’ve seen:

Progenex and the executives running the company have been implicated in an ongoing criminal enterprise. The ringleader was Adam Zuckerman, who was, at all times, a convicted criminal on supervised release, and under the watch of Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Waier. Zuckerman continuously had his sentencing postponed, as he was a cooperating witness in the case which he’d plead guilty to:

Assistant United States Attorney Waier was continuously made aware of Zuckerman’s ongoing criminal enterprises, through numerous emails, extensive court filings, and interviews:

However, she and the local branch of the FBI declined to act on any of this information (which, as we’ve seen, is both conclusive and extensive):

As recent facts have made clear, not only was Zuckerman and Progenex involved in multiple criminal acts, some of them were literally a clone of the very enterprise that he was already indicted and convicted of, for which Waier was supervising him:

These were not victimless crimes, they were perpetrated on small businesses, perhaps struggling with cash flow problems,  who were promised working capital and credit, who subsequently had thousands of dollars stolen from them. All of this was allowed to happen. And all of this happened under the watch of Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Waier, who was not only made aware of these facts and refused to act on them, but who apparently testified at his sentencing hearing, talking about how he “turned his life around” – while he was simultaneously operating an ongoing criminal enterprise that she was fully aware of:

All of this information has been taken from court filings and documents made publicly available. I’m not sure who’s pieced this together as of yet, but if everything is as I’ve outlined it, we may see a certain prosecutor become a defendant.

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And here’s how the Progenex embezzlement happened

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Back when Progenex first came on my radar in 2010, and I began to expose their asshattery in my blog, they contacted a company called Rexxfield, owned by Michael Roberts. Rexxfield was hired to get rid of the negative articles and postings I’d made, and restore their online reputation.  Before we go any further, and since four years of what I’ve been saying has been vindicated by recent events, I’d like to say that this is the problem with people like Michael Roberts – any scumbags can hire him to “fix” their reputations. This includes, as it turns out, people who are fully deserving of those reputations.

Seeing the opportunity to diversify their portfolio of scumbaggery, by offering similar services, and since Micael Roberts was angling to gain possession of an illegal method of removing certain online postings (besides his usual M.O. of sending nasty emails to service providers and hosting companies), the Progenex executives purchased 60% of Rexxfield from Roberts. They used Progenex funds to do this – which is embezzling, since there are shareholders and the like who had these funds stolen from their company.

This is a copy of the executed Rexxfield agreement signed by Ryan Page on behalf of Page Ventures. Again, Progenex funds were used to complete this transaction. And again, that’s called embezzlement – funds were taken from the company by an officer, with no intent to pay them back or to provide a return on the transaction, for personal use, in total breech of fiduciary duty to the company and shareholders.

Obviously that’s Ryan Page’s signature on the document, and he was using Progenex funds under the name of his personal company, PageCo.

This is a $5K Invoice from Rexxfield to Progenex (Note: Page withdrew $2500.00 in CASH FROM PGX bank account to cover half of this bill). Again, this proves that Progenex funds were being stolen by the officer(s).

In late FEB Adam Zuckerman and the rest of the Progenex executives discover that Michael Roberts is traveling to Denver to ink a deal with Matthew Cooke, for the illegal code.  Zuckerman goes out of his mind and sends an email confirming that he paid for the code. Again, this was Progenex money being used to pay for something far outside the company charter (you might need to drag the emails directly to your browser bar to read them).


Zuckerman succeeds in forestalling Michael Roberts Matthew Cooke deal and subsequently screws then-CEO Darren Meade along with Roberts out of the deal. At this point, Meade goes ballistic in an attempt to cover his OWN ass starts “disclosure campaign” to FEDS and then investors. Ultimately, much of this campaign was seen in the recent Iowa filings, as evidence against Progenex as well as Meade.

When investors are contacted by Meade, Zuckerman slawyer David Vendler files a lawsuit and TRO against Meade to try and prevent further disclosures to investors. TRO is denied. Bear in mind the critical fact that Vendler is Progenex counsel and is paid with Progenex funds. Again, embezzlement. Shouldn’t Vendler have known? Or will he be joining the Progenex boys in facing criminal charges?

The lawsuit is dismissed.

Michael Roberts attempts to say that the Rexxfield deal is quashed, but Progenex’s lawyer Michael Brown informs him that “his clients” contract has been fully executed. (keep in mind PGX shreholders were his “clients” and they did not participate in the Cooke deal/monetary opportunity).


That, kiddies, is how all of the embezzlement happened – the Progenex crew took company funds to make illegal purchases, and left a huge trail that almost anyone could follow. Pwned.

And as a final point of note, while M.Roberts’ ability to restore online reputations or sniff out an anonymous identity online are, to the layman, impressive, anyone with a modicum of tech savvy can do the same thing…or prevent him from doing it. Easily. He’s a talentless hack. [A very full version of the events I'm covering below can be found here, at]. The funny thing here is that Roberts (who is utterly delusional) claims to be some kind of online champion against defemation – yet if one looks at his actions after various journalists have reported on him, we find he immediately takes to the internet to attack them in multiple postings and videos.

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