Yesterday, MusclePharm’s president, Cory Gregory, decided to make himself available for some Q&A on the forums.

That was at 7.16 AM. By 8.25, the first question had been asked, and it was about the MusclePharm Assault study, and our blog post revealing that the ingredients used in the study don’t match the ingredients in the product MP is currently selling (not by a long shot).

Honestly, this is a fair question. MusclePharm is promoting a product as “safe and efficacious” based on a study that used a version of the product that is radically different than the one being sold. The current version, in fact, contains a new ingredient that the FDA has said is not proven to be safe. So again, this is a very fair question, and one that the president of the company ought to be able to answer. But he didn’t:

Instead he said he doesn’t know who me and John Romano are. That’s fine, but you can’t claim to not know who we are, then immediately claim that we have no credibility. How would you know that we have no credibility if you don’t even know who we are? But that wasn’t even the question – nobody asked for his opinion of me and JR, or if we’re credible, or if he’s familiar with us. Who we are is irrelevant to the fact that MP is selling a product and making claims based on irrelevant research. Then he says that they have a “full staff of doctors and clinicians” who insure safety and efficacy. Again, that wasn’t the question. The question revolved around a specific product, study, and claims. So instead of answering it, he commits two logical fallacies (argumentum ad hominem and argumentum ad Verecundiam – attacking the man and appealing to authority). At no point does he ever come close to addressing the actual question being asked.

The thread wasn’t all bad, admittedly. Some people lobbed a few softballs at el presidente’, about his training or whatever, but when pressed on myself and JR, he had some half-baked answer about only paying attention to what he and his company are doing, he focuses on their customers, etc…which is fine, but once again, if you’re the president of the company, you need to know about your products and the research (not) being done on them, plus the advertising that accompanies. There was quite a bit of gold in a thread that only lasted one and a half pages, and I wish I’d saved all of it…

All of that becomes irrelevant when you consider the fact that he had been beaten into submission by mid-afternoon, and had completely stopped replying (in a thread he started for people to ask him questions!)… although the forum members continued to flog his lifeless body well into the evening…

One of the members, RVAPump, offered this helpful piece of advice:

And some time prior to midnight, last night, it appears that this advice was taken: