I don’t want to get too deeply into this topic, because I believe it to be unsettled – but it’s come to my attention that the head coach of Reebok’s Crossfit GSP, in New Jersey next to the Garden State Plaza, was accused of assault, battery, and sexual battery. He was on a reality tv show that was filmed in Thailand, and allegedly violated a female contestant (acting along with a second male accomplace) with a toothbrush, while she was passed out drunk. Upon returning to the United States, the female contestant filed a civil case against MTV and the two men (remember, this happened in Thailand, so the US criminal justice system is not in play). The case against the men was dismissed based on service being quashed and the court’s lack of personal jurisdiction on events taking place in Thailand. However, MTV ended up paying the woman, in an undisclosed out of court settlement – likely because those contracts were signed in America and still subject to US law.

So the case was never heard, and the guilt of the two men was never proven or disproven. But I figured I’d bring these events to light, since it’s information that warrants consideration, if one were thinking about potentially joining Crossfit GSP as a member.