At this point, it should be obvious to even the most jaded of supplement consumers that Driven Sports Craze does not contain n, alpha diethylphenylethylamine, an amphetamine analogue. We’re looking at multiple lab tests from multiple sealed batches, tested against a legitimate standard from a highly reputable lab. On the other side, we have…a YouTube video, an email, and some posts on a few forums and a blog. Hmmm…which one seems more credible? The latest offering from Driven Sports is another series of lab tests that should assuage any concerns for the average consumer. There is even a test on a sealed bottle purchased directly from, so the chain of custody is intact. Still, none of the alleged amphetamine analogue was found. For the tin foil hat crowd, no amount of proof will be enough, and given the amount of time various parties have spent attacking this product on the basis that it contains an amphetamine analogue, there’s never going to be a retraction of any sorts, nor any admission of being wrong. Instead, we’ll be treated to a bunch of conspiracy theories, the likes of which would make InfoWars and NaturalNews seem credible. Here’s the latest set of labs:

Craze_PinaColada_from_bb_com-Lab Report-Lot_1302350

Craze_10_Sealed_Bottles-Lab Report