So there’s good news and bad news for Chael Sonnen – the good news is that his wife is pregnant. The bad news is that all of the fertility meds he took to help get her there…well, they’re also considered PEDs.

Now the Nevada State Athletic Commission in collaboration with the Nevada Attorney General, have filed a lawsuit against him. If he were to receive the maximum fine (judgment?), he’d be out $250,000 plus¬† all costs associated with the failed test (attorney’s fees, lab tests, investigative expenses, etc…):

The worst part about it: even though he was using fertility meds to help get his wife pregnant, he didn’t have outlandishly high testosterone, or even a high enough level to suggest that he had gained an unfair advantage!

In addition, as he recently announced that he’d be willing to return to the octagon, Sonnen would now be required to provide a new (negative) urine test prior to applying for his fight license. Given the somewhat obvious truth of the reason he was using the medications in question (hello? his wife is now pregnant!), coupled with the fact that the NSAC decided to arbitrarily make TRT 100% against the rules (previously one could obtain a TUE),¬† it seems like a major league douche move for the NSAC and AG to be going after the dude. Actually, it’s a totally douche move – made even more douche since he was completely open about his TRT use and using the afforementioned fertility meds to help transition off and get his wife pregnant.