A search warrant was recently served on an Iowa address, seeking electronic evidence for a variety of felonies. The warrant itself is fairly standard, and isn’t much to look at (however, for the TL;DR crowd, you can feel free to skip ahead and just read the stuff highlighted in blue – that information has been taken directly from the official documents filed for the State of Iowa):

Pretty standard fare, as I said. Persuant to the warrant, several electronic devices were seized from the address in question (a computer, flash drives, etc…). Again, fairly standard.

However, the warrant application itself, is a thing of beauty. Found within the 124 page document, filed and signed by the duly elected SAC County Attorney, Ben Smith, is a catalogue of the crimes committed over the past several years by current and former members of the PROGENEX executive staff. Here is a list of the crimes that are part of the investigation, that the applicant (the prosecutor) used to obtain the warrant:

A county attorney here, is what we’d typically think of as a prosecuting attorney at the county level – this would be equivalent to the county prosecutor elsewhere, as it is an elected position and is responsible (among other things) for the prosecution of various major crimes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dr. Scott Connelly, the man who founded MetRx as well as Progenex, it should be noted that he (not the people running the company at the moment) actually started the brand. Darren Meade was hired as the CEO after him. Adam Zuckerman is an owner of the company and is heavily involved in its operation. While many of the others (Cameron Verdi, Ryan Page, AAron Thomas) own and operate the company and are not named, they were, and continue to be, a party to all of the crimes below.

What follows is the Iowa attorney’s three page summary of the founding of the brand, including Dr. Connelly leaving because of his discovery of the criminal element present, and finally, the first crime(s) committed by the Progenex executives acting under the Progenex name. If you’re up to speed on these events, you might still want to read the official version, as the State of Iowa presents them – however, the blue highlights are the important parts – they’re a summary of the crimes committed by Progenex and their executives, as laid out by the SAC County Attorney. The entire document is fairly huge, so I’ve cropped certain items and cut others, and have (more or less) only included the pieces where the SAC County Prosecutor directly accuses Progenex and their executives of crimes.