meadeFormer interim CEO Darren Meade, hired by Progenex after the departure and subsequent lawsuit from founder (Dr. Scott Connelly) has been charged with a series of crimes he committed while working for the company. In cooperation and operating on direct orders from the Progenex C-suite, including Aaron Thomas, Adam Zuckerman, Ryan Page, and others, Meade attempted to intimidate and harass Dr.Connelly into dropping his lawsuit against them. It’s illegal to intimidate a witness in any case, civil or criminal, and this particular crime is punishable by a maximum of 25 years in prison. He also, again at the direct orders of Thomas, Zuckerman, and Page, embezzled money from the company to pay for another illegal scheme they cooked up (the purchase of an illegal SQL injection code, with the aid of  Rexxfield and Michael Roberts).

Although Paul Gomez, the new face of the company, tells everyone who will listen that he wasn’t there at the time (ha ha), nothing could be further from the truth – he’s not getting away with anything, and he’s far from clean. He’s actually the brother in law of Adam Zuckerman through their wives…and don’t believe for a second that this has nothing to do with him, or that things changed once he got involved.

See these guys? They're all going to jail.

See these guys? They’re all going to jail.

I can say with no small amount of pride that it was my constant dedication to finding out and exposing the truth epic online trolling of the company’s criminal past and ongoing crimes, that prompted them to get involved with Rexxfield and Michael Roberts, the ersatz Internet bounty hunter who would hunt me down and save their reputation. His efforts produced many Lulz, but not much else.

Wonder Twins Power Activate!

Wonder Twins Power Activate!

While at Progenex, Meade not only aided and abetted the rest of the company in the commission of numerous crimes, but he also helped them conceal those crimes (obviously, not very well). If you’re interested in the full indictment, I’ve uploaded it here. Otherwise, I’ve got the highlights below.


These are the relevant crimes he committed while at Progenex, along with the other executives. Once Meade left, he attempted to conduct a variety of other scams, including exportion (against Ripoff Report) and accepting a bribe (long story), while continuing his “witness intimidation” scheme, with the aid of Ripoff Report (yes, first he tried to extort, then he started working for them) Obviously, my favorite charge is the one where they all became hackers for a day, because they bought an SQL injection code (a zero day vulnerability), then let word of their aquisition leak, thereby making it worth about a tenth of the price they paid for it (and quickly obsolete).


There’s a lot of stuff in the indictment that won’t make too much sense to people who’ve followed the Progenex saga – but after the juicy bits about the actual crimes of witness intimidation and harassment on Dr.C, I’ve included an internal email where they talk about it (as you can see, even the current “clean face” of the company, Mr. Ryan Page, is involved in a criminal act that could get him up to 25 years):


evidencePlus the verification that this is legit, in the form of their IP addresses from the header of the email (also, for Lulz):