After the massive fail of trying to start her own charity (lulz at The Liz Gaspari Foundation_, then the fail of trying to work with/for G.E.A.R. Nutra (who couldn’t release a single product with her at the company), then announcing her partnership with FA Nutrition (what happened there, again…?), Liz Gaspari, the ersatz Supplement Queen, has launched her own…something. I have no idea what this is supposed to be, except a joke. For a woman who tells everyone that she’s the most powerful woman in the industry, her ego must be taking a pounding with the amount of companies not knocking down her door to work with her. So she’s started another …I don’t even know what to call this. What I do know is that this page, like Ms. Gaspari herself, only has one fan…and it’s the woman in her mirror.


(Or maybe it’s this kid…? Sweet duckface, bro.)