Below you’ll see a copy of USP Labs’ most current appearance and testimonial release. Some of the highlights include the fact that when someone signs the contract, USP Labs can use that athlete’s likeness (pictures, voice, video, endorsement, testimony, etc…) forever. Forever. They never have to ask again, and can use the athlete’s likeness until the end of time. So if someone signs this deal, they are now perpetually endorsing this brand, or as many times as USP feels like using them (which could be never since the contract states that USP is not obligated to ever use the athlete for anything, even after the contract is signed).

So basically, if you are an IFBB or NPC bodybuilder and you signed this contract, but the following year you wanted to sign with another company, USP Labs can continue using your photos, your testimonials, your endorsements, videos,  etc… That fact immediately makes you a  poor choice for another company to sign – yes, what I’m saying is that when you sign this contract, you damage yourself irreparably for the prospect of future revenue as a spokesperson or sponsored athlete. The contract is a total joke and it’s obviously preying on amateurs who are struggling to get some publicity and facetime with a magazine or whatever – it’s not the kind of contract a legit company offers to an athlete who they have any respect for. If you take yourself and your personal brand seriously, you should never sign something like this – it’s a predatory contract that leaves an athlete with no promise of anything, and grants USP Labs the perpetual rights to the athlete’s likeness.