While BSN has recently stolen Flex Lewis away from Gaspari Nutrition (at a reported double of his GN salary), they lost Rich Froning, multiple-time Crossfit Games Champion, to the Christian evangelists at Advocare.

Advocare has been given numerous online beat downs ranging in cause from their products sucking to their marketing being so aggressively crammed down everyone’s throats, even Linda Lovelace would have difficulty with it. So why the switch from BSN, a large sports nutrition company, to Advocare, a company known primarily for their obnoxious multi level marketing scheme, that turns your kindly small business owner into a 24/7 Advopimp? What caused this tectonic shift in athletes sponsorship, from the Fittest Man in the World to the 212lb Mr. Olympia (arguably the least fit professional athlete this side of The Madden Challenge)? Here’s my highly educated, but still completely unsupported, guess:

The easy answer would be that just as Christ wants people to know about Advocare, as much as he wants His servants to let people to know about Galatians 6:14, Reebok, and Oakley:


So there’s that. But there’s also the fact that Froning has said he will retire after this year’s Crossfit Games, and while endorsing Advocare will allow him to sell their products, recruit his own sales force, and continue earning passive income…BSN has a reputation for aggressively slashing the income of their champions (Ronnie Coleman comes to mind) once they retire.

So this is most likely a move based on his forthcoming retirement, and thepost 2014  income that he’ll see with Advocare and not BSN. Plus, I’d been hearing for years (from someone I trust) that Froing actually had always used Advocare, but that they didn’t offer as much $$ up front as BSN, so while he used one company’s products, he endorsed another’s for the money. This would fit with Froning’s reputation as a “what’s in it for me?” kind of product endorser, as told to me by more than one company who’s worked with him.